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Event Overview

8-10 October 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia (download PDF)

Silk Sky is a unique new air transport forum and networking event (which will now take place annually) adding significant value to the present ‘Belt and Road’ strategy linking Asia, Central Asia, Russia and Europe. To date, the initiative has focused on developing surface and sea transport links to stimulate economic development across the Belt and Road. Silk Sky will deliver civil aviation as a critical third element in the transport mix. The first event will be hosted by Pulkovo International St. Petersburg Airport, one of Europe’s most rapidly growing and Russia’s busiest airports in terms of traffic numbers.

By providing an exciting, effective and innovative Business Forum with high-quality networking opportunities, ‘Silk Sky’ will add significant value to the Belt and Road initiative. With 70 countries and over 4 billion people (63% of the world’s population) living in the Belt and Road region, representing one-third of the global economy, air travel and successful route development are a critical element that will enhance connectivity across the Eurasian region.

The Silk Sky event programme consists of 2 days.

Day 1 – the AIR Summit Day is dedicated to the informing and updating about Belt and Road air transport, tourism, cargo and global sorting.
Day 2 – Air Route Networking and Interline Forum
involves face-to-face business meetings between airports/airlines and key industry stakeholders.

There is no clash between attending the Summit and attending the Networking – you can do both. In addition, thanks to Silk Sky’s unique Total Networking formula, you have unlimited meetings both formal face-to-face and informal.

Our Host: Saint Petersburg Pulkovo airport

Pulkovo St. Petersburg Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Russia in terms of passenger numbers. In 2018, Pulkovo served 18.1 million passengers, which is 12.4% more than in 2017. The route network of St. Petersburg includes 162 domestic and international destinations to which 75 airlines operate scheduled flights. The modern infrastructure and operational efficiency allows Pulkovo Airport to provide passengers with world-class services.

Event Venue

‘Silk Sky’ will be held at the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe in the heart of Saint Petersburg, Russia. This 5* venue in one of the finest cities in the world, is looking forward to hosting this prestigious forum that will help to shape and strengthen the role that aviation plays in the ‘Belt and Road’ strategy over the coming decade, including the development of new air hubs.


Please complete the form to receive further more detailed information about Silk Sky.


Please complete the form to receive further more detailed information about Silk Sky.